Broadcast Fax Services

By Morris Patriots


EXAMPLE:     http://jblast.jfax.com     =  jBlast Fax Services


OVERVIEW -  jBlast.com is a commercial company that offers “broadcast fax” services to the public; there are several other similar companies in the market.   jBlast lets you send original faxes to public officials, customized by you for you, without even needing a fax machine – just a computer with internet access.

    Draft a letter in Microsoft Word.  Upload it.  Craft an address list, or use one of ours off our website.  Upload it.  Add your name if you want to see your letter as it is sent.  Use your credit card to make a deposit to your account - $10 is fine.  Press “send,” and your letter is sent to your address list.  You can track its progress in real time, online.  That’s all there is to it !




  1. Go to company’s website, www.JBlast.com.  Click to create your account.  Fill out basic information to create your account.  Once you’ve done this, telephone their Customer Support Center to activate your account (about 3 minutes).  Call before you make your first credit card deposit, or they will ask you to fill out a credit application (not appropriate for our uses of their system – remember, most of their clients are HUGE corporations … but we’re not).  They’ll walk you through your first deposit ($10 is fine, more if you like) if just a few minutes.
  2. Use your credit card to deposit a small balance (as low as $10 to begin, as low as $1 thereafter) into your new account; each time you send a fax, the cost will be deducted from this balance ( 6¢ for a standard fax,  12¢ for a customized fax ).
  3. Download, borrow, or create a list of recipients (minimum:  Name, Fax # for each)
  4. Give your project a name (ex:  Fax on Healthcare to US Senate 11/20/09)
  5. Answer 3 basic questions online  (Use current list? / standard or custom fax? / USA?)
  6. Create, with Microsoft Word, the letter you want to fax out
  7. Upload that letter to the system
  8. Confirm everything is how you want it
  9. Press “Fax it”


Total time, FIRST TIME, to open account, do all these steps and transmit first faxes … maybe 45 minutes.  SECOND time … about 5 minutes after your letter is written.  Cost to send 100 faxes to 100 Senators:  About $6.70




The jBlast system will dial up to 500 number within 15 minutes, and send your specific letter to each recipient, then report the results on screen.  You can check your progress, account balance, or overall status 24/7 by signing in with your User Name and Password.


If you want to send another fax, you can program the second fax immediately.  If you’ve used up your balance, you can make another credit card deposit online in about 3 minutes.


-- That’s it !




MorrisPatriots.org posts ready-to-go lists on our website.  You can simply download the list to your computer, then upload the same list to jBlast.com.   Or, many grassroots websites provide lists.  Or, you can prepare your own in Excel or any program that can output a “comma separated value” (.csv) file.  Here’s a sample  .csv file with two recipients:


“Name”, Fax                                                    = column headings for system

“Senator Harry Reid”, 202-224-7327              = data within parenthesis is treated as a single word

“Rep. Nancy Pelosi”, 202-225-8259               = numbers separated by hyphens (or not) are phone numbers


That’s all there is to it.  (Your file can have added columns of data, but they will be ignored by the system.)